To: Governor Ralph Northam

Gov. McAuliffe: Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Gov. McAuliffe, we are deeply frustrated and disappointed by your recent announcement to support Dominion Resources' proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We demand that you withdraw your support for this natural gas pipeline, and instead invest in sustainable energy resources and a wise energy policy that will bring positive future impacts to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Why is this important?

In September, Gov. McAuliffe announced his approval of a plan to allow Dominion Resources to build a new natural gas pipeline originating in the West Virginia gas fields, through Virginia, and into North Carolina.

Dominion's proposed pipeline is the wrong energy choice for Virginia. It will negatively impact the agricultural, cultural, and natural resources in the region, especially water. It will impact valued public lands, among the most significant and unique in the East, that are relied on by millions for public drinking water as well as for outdoor recreation. Finally, through gas transport and combustion, it will expand greenhouse emissions from methane, eighty times more potent than carbon as a heat-trapping gas, and continue to fuel climate change.

I hope you will join us in calling on the Governor to reconsider his endorsement of this destructive project.