To: Brian Yablonski, Chairman, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Governor Ron DeSantis

Gov. Scott Direct Liesa Priddy To Recuse Herself From All Florida Panther Decisions

This campaign has ended.

With between 100 to 180 Florida Panthers in existence, they still represent a vulnerable and federally listed endangered species. Nonetheless, Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) Vice Chairwoman Liesa Priddy, who owns a 9,300 acre ranch in the middle of panther country, put forth a proposal to drastically cut back on the protections panthers enjoy at the behest of private developers who are seeking to construct 10,000 homes. Ms. Priddy proposed the policy changes without soliciting the opinion of FWC biologists and claims to have suffered personal financial loss due to panther conflicts. Both of these revelations demonstrate a conflict of interest, and therefore disqualify her from making objective decisions. As such, she should be forced to recuse herself from any decisions regarding the safety, welfare and preservation of the Florida panther, immediately.

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