To: President Donald Trump, The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, Governor Tom Wolf, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Pledge to vote out of office elected officials who continue to act in the interest of corporate America.

Why is this important?

We elect people to go into state and federal government to represent us and our interests. They don't! Too many of our elected representatives act in the interest of corporate America, whose self interest is international, We are finally holding our elected officials accountable. We are watching. It's them-- the corporations or us-- the people. Stand up for the American people or we will act at the polls! We have had enough!


Reasons for signing

  • Amen sister!
  • Corporation never die people do.
  • If education must take drastic cuts in funding then so should every elected official! Oil and Gas Co. need to be taxed directly for the damage they do to roads and ground water and local environment.