To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Brown: People of Faith call on you to stop fracking

Compelled by conscience and by our moral obligation to our communities of faith, to the health and safety of all Californians, to the well-being of future generations, and to creation itself, we, the undersigned people of faith, request your immediate intervention to halt the toxic practice of hydrofracking and the other industrial practices associated with unconventional oil and gas extraction in California by placing a moratorium on all enhanced stimulation techniques.

Why is this important?

Governor Brown himself is a person of faith and well understands that the world is in peril because of pending climate catastrophe stemming from the burning of fossil fuels. Brown has even taken action to stop climate change, however, his permissive policies in regards to fracking undo his positive steps, not to mention threaten communities across California. Ultimately, Jerry Brown, to be a true climate leader, needs to do more than take half-steps around climate change and therefore needs to stop permitting all toxic forms of unconventional fossil fuel extraction techniques like fracking in California and move us to a 100% renewable energy economy. Climate leaders don't frack, and understand the imperative to protect present and future generations.