To: Governor Phil Bryant

Governor Bryant Immediately Call a Special Session to Fund Medicaid

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Governor Bryant,
As July 1, 2013 ticks ever closer, we understand the tremendous impact not funding Medicaid will have on our state. Not only will thousands of children, pregnant women, and the disabled not have the health care they desperately need, but money for sliding fee scale clinics, STD testing, pregnancy prevention, and mental health services will be cut off from the community. This lack of funding will lead to massive layoffs and firings within the Mississippi health care and social services sector.
The health and well-being of Mississippi is not a partisan issue. Call the special session immediately!

Why is this important?

During the regular legislative session, lawmakers did not reauthorize Medicaid funding. So, on July 1, Mississippi Medicaid will no longer be funded. This will not only affect individuals covered by Medicaid but all who are employed in jobs that are funded in full or in part by Medicaid dollars. The defunding of Medicaid will result in thousands of layoffs and firings in the health care field.