To: Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Christie refuses to uphold the law related to death of a patient.

My sister's medical records were altered. The law in New Jersey states original medical records should be available to patients or estate executors on request. I filed a complaint with Gov. Christie and to date he has refused to meet with me or uphold the law.I have supplied Gov. Christie with copies of the altered records. This is FRAUD.

Why is this important?

My sister was given a lethal combination of medication by doctors at Morristown Memorial Hospital that caused her death. I filed a complaint with Gov Christie's Office. He has taken no action but to continue the cover up. He refuses to meet with my family and I.


Reasons for signing

  • Bevelyn was my dearly beloved sister. She was a decent, caring human being and she deserves to have her story told. Her brain was taken and we still do not have it today!
  • Claiming justice will the name of JESUS...for sister, gone to soon.
  • please Gov. Christie duo the right thing.

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