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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Cuomo: Make it easier to vote in New York!

Voting reform was eventually passed in NY!

Reject any budget that doesn't include money for improving voting in New York.

Why is this important?

New York is one of only a handful of states that has no early voting option.

New York not only lacks same-day voter registration—but it requires voters to register at least twenty-five days before Election Day.

New York also makes it hard to request an absentee ballot too.

This is why there are long lines on Election Day, and why voting is as much of a mess in New York as the subway system.

But we can change it! Governor Cuomo's budget includes funding for early voting and automatic voter registration. The Assembly budget includes only early voting, and the Senate budget includes vague language about voting. Budget negotiations are happening NOW. Tell Governor Cuomo to stand up for us and reject any budget that doesn't improve voting for New Yorkers.




2020-02-06 12:25:24 -0500

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