To: Doug Ducey, Governor

Governor Ducey: Say No to Trump, No New SB1070's in Arizona

Say No to Trump. Say No to New SB1070's. Veto the anti-immigrant bills if they get to your desk.

Why is this important?

Encouraged by Donald Trump's fearmongering on the campaign trail, Arizona legislators are trying to pass the harshest wave of anti-immigrant bills we have seen in five years. The state should have learned its lesson in the terrible aftermath of SB1070, but immigrant communities are again under attack from the right wing.

In SB1377 and HB2451, Senator Smith and Rep. Darin Mitchell, are following in recalled Senator Russel Pearce’s footsteps, by going against the movement to reduce incarceration by aiming to fill up Arizona’s jails with immigrants. Senator Kavanagh, among others, have introduced bills to stop the forward-looking solutions of cities like Phoenix to offer municipal ID's to all its residents.

If made into law, they'll be disastrous for Arizona.
Tell Governor Ducey to reject the Trump effect in our state. Veto the new SB1070's coming out of the statehouse.