To: Governor Kevin Stitt

Governor Stitt: Don't execute Richard Glossip

Richard Glossip was convicted of murder and sentenced to death based on an "unfair and unreliable" trial according to Oklahoma's own attorney general, Gentner Drummond.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has the power to save Richard Glossip's life. Sign the petition to urge Gov. Stitt to stop the execution planned for May 18, 2023 so Richard's new pro bono attorneys have time to finally prove his innocence. Please grant a 60 day reprieve to Richard Glossip.

Why is this important?

I firmly believe Oklahoma is about to execute an innocent man unless Richard Glossip is granted a 60 day reprieve.

Richard Glossip was convicted on the testimony of his coworker, Justin Sneed. Sneed confessed to the murder and avoided the death penalty himself by implicating Richard. The prosecution committed grave errors by withholding and destroying evidence during Richard's trial and key witnesses lied under oath.

After years of inadequate legal defense, Richard now has some of the best death penalty lawyers working pro bono on his case, and his lawyers just uncovered damning new information, including that Sneed bragged about setting Richard up.

Two independent investigations have found that Richard Glossip’s conviction for the tragic killing of Barry Van Treese is unreliable.

Oklahoma’s Attorney General, a pro-death penalty Republican, has appealed to have the conviction vacated and is taking that appeal to the Supreme Court while many Oklahoma legislators who are pro-death penalty have urged that Richard's conviction be thrown out.

Richard’s new lawyers need a 60 day reprieve to prove their client's innocence, and Gov. Kevin Stitt has the authority to stop the execution.