To: Governor Kevin Stitt

Governor Fallin: Don't execute Richard Glossip

Stop the planned execution of Richard Glossip on November 6. Richard was convicted of murder after Justin Sneed, the man who confessed to the killing, claimed Richard had hired him to do it, despite a breathtaking lack of evidence. Sneed got a life sentence in a medium-security prison, while the self-serving testimony that saved Sneed's life sent Richard to death row.

Please further delay Richard's execution to allow his new pro bono attorneys time to finally prove his innocence.

Why is this important?

I firmly believe Oklahoma is about to execute an innocent man.

Ten men have been exonerated from death row in Oklahoma in the past 35 years, four of them due to falsified testimony by criminals who had their sentences reduced in exchange for their testimony.

Richard Glossip was convicted solely on the testimony of his coworker, Justin Sneed. Sneed confessed to the murder and avoided the death penalty himself by implicating Richard.

After years of inadequate legal defense, Richard now has some of the best death penalty lawyers working pro bono on his case, and his lawyers just uncovered damning new information, including that Sneed bragged about setting Richard up.

Richard’s new lawyers need more time to have the opportunity to prove his innocence, and Gov. Mary Fallin has the authority to further delay his execution.


Reasons for signing

  • He is an INNOCENT MAN accused by a convicted murderer, with absolutely no evidence! The Governor had the opportunity to be A HERO, and is instead acting as A COWARD.
  • Innocent I don't believe in death penalty
  • I was disgusted watching Sneed's interrogation by the Oklahoma detectives, insisting he claim Glossip hired him. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt means that no other possibilities exist, but this case is littered with other possibilities the jury never heard. I believe there are rare cases where the death penalty is warranted, but certainly not in a case based solely on one person being offered a deal that stipulates they must point the finger at another person in order to save their own hide.