To: Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Inslee: It's time for a fair COLA!

The facts are clear: Classified state employees have not received an across-the-board salary increase in more than six years, and during part of that time they sustained a 3% salary reduction. Also during this period, health care premiums were increased by 25% and the Consumer Price Index rose by more than 12%.

The conclusion is obvious: Classified state employees need a fair cost of living adjustment (COLA) along with stable health care costs.

Governor Inslee: It’s time for a fair COLA along with stable health care costs for classified state employees.

Why is this important?

WPEA’s bargaining teams have been arguing all summer that classified state employees need a fair COLA along with stable health care costs, but management still doesn’t get it!


Reasons for signing

  • It has been too long. You keep expecting more work from fewer people for the same wages we were earning 5 years ago. Lets get even with the same pay for the same jobs as the private sector. If an increase is not approved and enacted soon, the state will continue to suffer a decline in quality of service and availability of good staff. Get on it Jay!
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