To: Ottawa City Council, LaSalle County Board, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Governor Quinn: Stop the Mississippi Sand Frac Sand Mine Near Starved Rock!

Illinois is quickly becoming overtaken by fracking juggernauts, who have no aim, but the pursuit of the profit motive. Despite those who believe the Starved Rock frac sand mine will prove beneficial, in truth, sand mining for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing will result in calamitous long-term repercussions for Starved Rock State Park’s tourism, local residents, and animals’ and peoples’ health (silicosis, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, etc.) as well as the overall environment. I want to see a greener, more energy independent horizon for LaSalle County, and for Illinois and America at large, but this debasement is not the way!

Why is this important?

Mississippi Sand LLC hopes to make LaSalle County into a kind of frac sand mecca. And I, like so many citizens of my area, am terrified of what is in store for us! Mississippi Sand has laid claim to our world-renowned Starved Rock State Park, where they hope to blast apart the St. Peter sandstone, and mine for up to 40 years. Mississippi Sand is currently in operation with Archer Daniels Midland Co. and American River Transporation, who will be responsible for barge fleeting the silica. The Sierra Club, Prairie Rivers Network, and Openlands are presently embroiled in a lawsuit to challenge Mississippi Sand's mining permit. We must support them and stop MS from opening up the proposed pit!