To: Governor Tony Evers

Governor Walker: No Hate in the Dairy State! No Anti-Immigrant Bill AB190/SB275!

Governor Walker, we call on you to stop AB190/SB275, which would have local law enforcement and public employees act as agents of Trump's mass deportation program. AB190/SB275 would increase discrimination and racial profiling, separate families, hurt Wisconsin's economy, and harm public safety by making community members afraid to report crimes. Wisconsin values hard work and families! No hate in our state! No AB190/SB275!

Why is this important?

Wisconsin Republicans have introduced AB190/SB275, a bill that would encourage discrimination and racial profiling and have Wisconsin public employees and local law enforcement act as agents of Trump’s Deportation Force.

If signed into law, AB190/SB275 would require Wisconsin police to enforce federal immigration law - meaning that anyone in Wisconsin could be racially profiled and asked to show their “papers.”

Furthermore, AB190/SB275 would make makes victims and witnesses of crime, including domestic violence survivors, afraid to come forward, making the state of Wisconsin less safe for everyone.

This bill - a copycat of Texas SB 4 - was written by private prison corporations to profit from the separation of families and criminalize immigrants.

We defeated this bill last year through the historic Day without Latinxs and Immigrants general strike of tens of thousands in Madison on February 18th, 2016.

In Wisconsin, 1 in 10 jobs depend on our signature dairy industry. Immigrants harvest 60% of the milk produced in our state. If Governor Walker creates an environment hostile to immigrants and their families, workers will leave and our state's signature industry will collapse.

We defeated this bill last year and we can do it again! Please sign our petition asking Governor Walker to take a stand against this discriminatory and anti-immigrant bill in Wisconsin.