To: Robert Kraft, President Donald Trump, The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, Governor Charlie Baker, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Support a GPS monitoring program for Domestic Violence Abusers

I would like to establish a Domestic Violence GPS program in all 50 states mirroring states such as Chicago, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

We as a county spend a lot of money to put DV individuals in prisons only to see them coming out of jail to commit new offenses/charges on the same victims. With GPS, we can save the states millions of dollars by monitoring these individuals closely. This is also a safe way to protect victims of violence.

Why is this important?

Based on my personal experiences of losing my daughter, Tiana Angelique Notice, a University of Hartford student, The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation, with the assistance of Harvard Law School's (Gender Violence Program) and Connecticut Law Makers established a successful GPS monitoring program within the State of Connecticut. The program is now protecting Victims of Domestic Violence and their Families.


Reasons for signing

  • if you track them by spying on them, get gps instead of keep on spying on them. stop spying and support gps monitor for anybody now. good for special needs, asd, victims of kidnapping, victims of rape, victims, of domestic violence, victims of bullying, and kids who run away. no more excuses of ignorance. gps monitor for the world now.
  • I endorsed the GPS that my friend Alvin Notice has fought for over a number of years to get inacted I congratulate him. I also think these selfish punks should pay the ultimate price for their atrocious behavior.
  • Sure seems to be a lot of fake names in the last 25 names that have been organized by a family of grifters operating in and around of the Baltimore area. A family who has a nut job in the family claiming to be a victim for years and years. The crazy lying witch shouldn't assault senior citizens harass them with phone calls and get herself some Prozac The entire family needs to be put on antipsychotics. They need to deal with the armed robbers and burglars who are convicted felons in the...