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To: Tommy Battle, Mayor

Gross Abuse of Power by Huntsville, Alabama Police Department

While in route to a burial site in Huntsville, Alabama this past Friday, August 12, 2011, the Huntsville police department FAILED MISERABLY in their duties to protect & serve. They treated us disrespectfully by yelling at us, pointing fingers & talking to us as if we were criminals when we were simply trying tp pay our last respects. They maliciously & intentionally disconnected my daughter & I, (along with several US veterans from Tennessee & Georgia), from a burial procession. Although we pleaded with the officers to allow us into the procession, called 911 to ask them to contact the officers & ask them to allow us into the procession, they refused, WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION. They, (particularly the office driving car # 1868), straddled between 2 lanes to prevent us from passing them to the point of creating an extreme gap between us & the procession, intentionally causing us to miss traffic lights. When we proceeded thru the lights they threatened to write $250.00 tickets. They did this, inspite of the funeral stickers which were clearly visible in the windshield of our vehicles. They could also see our out of state licence plates. We contacted their supervisor & internal affairs to no avail. We finally found out from the funeral director that Huntsville, Al has a limit on the number of cars that can participate in a funeral procession. YES!!!!! THEY ACTUALLY HAVE AN ORDINANCE THAT LIMITS THE NUMBER OF CARS THAT CAN FOLLOW YOU TO THE CEMETARY IF YOU ARE BURIED IN HUNTSVILLE, AL.
I believe this to be a violation of our first ammendment right to peacefully organize, without regard to numbers. I believe this is a violation of our civil liberties as US Citizens and the ordinance needs to be abolished & the police officers disciplined for their blatent abuse of power.

Why is this important?

This petition is about civil liberties violations by the Huntsville, Alabama police department & about protecting our first ammendment right to peacefully organize in the united states. The petition was started to challenge the legality of the Huntsville, AL ordinance that states that; 1. It is illegal to have a funeral procession without a police escort; 2. The funeral procession is limited to 25 cars, including the hearse, clergy & mourners.


Reasons for signing

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  • Stop Them!!


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