To: Ivory Young, City Council Public Safety Committee Member, Lamar Willis, City Council Public Safety Committee Member, Joyce Sheperd, City Council Public Safety Committee Member, Alex Wan, City Council Public Safety Committee Member, C.T. ...

Gunfire Detection

City Council Public Safety Committee members,

I'm sending this email to request your support for the proposed ordinance Councilmember Bond recently introduced which would support the funding of gunfire location technology in the City of Atlanta. This technology is long overdue for the City of Atlanta and I, along with many of my neighbors, am very excited by the prospect of it being deployed. Please know that I firmly support Mr. Bond's proposal 10-O-0488 and I hope you will support this first step to fund the deployment of innovative and meaningful crime reduction technology throughout the city.

Thank you,

Why is this important?

Three local neighbors spent months trying to see an end to celebratory gunfire through deployment of gunfire location technology. After months of work, those same neighbors need five minutes of your time to give this technology the best possible chance at deployment.

Our NPU Public Safety Chair (Ron Lall) sent out an email two weeks ago discussing an initiative to launch ShotSpotter gunshot location technology in Atlanta. This technology is capable of detecting the source of gunfire within inches, and allows distinguishing between actual gunfire events and other sounds which mimic gunfire, such as fireworks. Technical info is available at and a short video explaining the technology is here:

In short, Councilmember Julian Bond proposed an ordinance that would allow for funding of the ShotSpotter technology in Atlanta. This is exacly what we need to isolate where gunfire is coming from and allow APD to respond to the exact site of gunfire incidents. This ordinance was held recently and is up for discussion with all involved parties and NOW is the time to request support from our representatives!

If it bothers you that we can't tell the difference between gunfire and fireworks, that our APD officers waste time driving around in circles trying to locate a possible gunfire event, or that we can't prove where gunfire is coming from with any certainty, please take a moment to help: