To: Gurnee Village Board and Waukegan City Council

Gurnee and Waukegan: Pass an Ordinance Banning Ethylene Oxide Emissions

Gurnee and Waukegan are both home rule municipalities with the authority to ban the emission of ethylene oxide within their borders. We urge them to act now to protect the health of their residents.

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Gurnee y Waukegan son municipios autónomos con autoridad para prohibir la emisión de óxido de etileno dentro de sus fronteras. Les instamos a actuar ahora para proteger la salud de sus residentes.

Why is this important?

Residents near ethylene oxide facilities have cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other health problems caused by ethylene oxide. We demand an end to the release of this toxic chemical, which no person or company has the right to release into our air.

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¿Porque es esto importante? Los residentes cerca de las instalaciones de óxido de etileno tienen cáncer, trastornos autoinmunes y otros problemas de salud causados por el óxido de etileno. Exigimos el fin de la liberación de este químico tóxico, que ninguna persona o compañía tiene derecho a liberar en nuestro aire.


Reasons for signing

  • To protect our house.
  • I live right in the "hot spot" and do not wish for my child or myself to get cancer. Children do not deserve to suffer from cancer if it can be prevented we should do everything we can to protect our CHILDREN!

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