To: Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary and President Donald Trump

Halt the Raids and Give Relief to the Victims


The targets of immigration agents' raids are people who have fled violence, been subjected to civil rights violations, and seek to make the US their home.

We ask you to stop the terror of raiding people's homes with armed agents and to provide relief to those caught in them thus far.

Why is this important?

At the end of December, immigration authorities confirmed they would be expanding their home raids to include mothers and children who recently escaped violence in their home countries.

On January 2nd, agents barged into homes across the Atlanta area, at times pretending to be local police in search of a non-existent suspect, pulling people from their beds, demanding identification, and taking away whomever they chose.

At least 47 people have been flown from Georgia to a processing center in Texas where the agency may rush to deport them before pending cases can be heard or appeals can be filed.

These raids are not the first and unlikely to be the last. Sign the petition asking the Obama administration and DHS to put a halt to immigration agents' violation of civil rights and stop the raids.