To: The United States Senate

Hands Off Medicare!!

Please say "NO" to Congress relative to their plan to convert Medicare to voucher system!! Medicare now operates better and more efficiently than most group insurance programs. Why "fix" Medicare when nothing is broken??

Why is this important?

Congress Plan to change Medicare to a voucher system is very scary to say the least!! Medicare now functions better & more efficiently than any employer health insurance that I had during 40 years in workforce. So, Congress keep hands off!!


Reasons for signing

  • Cut the abuse, fine the abusers, manage the waste, and repay what the government stole by using it as a slush fund and Medicare would be solvent. Also every member of congress should be in the Medicare program or every member of the public should be on the congressional program. Enough special treatment for the biggest abusers of power!
  • Medicare should negotiate drug prices with manufacturers just like VA does. There are ways to reduce costs without cutting benefits.
  • Please let it alone!