To: The North Carolina State House, The North Carolina State Senate, and Governor Roy Cooper

Happy Meal is a Healthy Meal

I would like for fast food chains to only be allowed to give a toy in their kid meals if the meal is below a required caloric level or has a certain number of nutitrients in it. Childhood Obesity is a problem in our country and kids are being rewarded for eating unhealthy meals. California has implemented this law and so should the rest of the country. It is for the benefit of all!

Why is this important?

To All Concerned,

I am a mother of three and am trying to raise my kids to appreciate and respect their bodies and their health. This is very difficult to do in today's society. Fast food is everywhere and they want the toy to go with it. Are fast food chains teaching our kids that it is good to eat poorly? Kids associate French fries with toys and games. This is why our children are suffering from obesity and our health care system pays.