To: FOX News

Have FOX News Removed from Cable TV

Remove FOX News from cable TV to stop the constant and persistent bombardment of untruth and misinformation.

Why is this important?

FOX news has been spewing hatred, lies and deceit for many years. Recently, an Indiana man was convicted of arson for setting fire to a mosque in Ohio. The man specifically stated that he was motivated by media accounts, mostly from FOX news, and that he felt no remorse in setting the fire. If I am not mistaken, this is a hate crime, a hate crime driven by the poisonous and contagious lies and conventional "wisdom" supplied by this media outlet.


Reasons for signing

  • Corporate Brainwashing Machine
  • I’m tired of Fox spreading hate & lies. It’s so negative for our great country.
  • Propagation of lies, rumors, conspiracy theories that undermine our democracy.

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