To: David Ige, Candidate for Governor, Duke Aiona, Candidate for Governor, and Mufi Hannemann, Candidate for Governor

Hawai'i Governor Candidates: Promise not to appoint Colleen Hanabusa Attorney General

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Hawai'i law ยง 11-92.3 Consolidated precincts; natural disasters says that the chief election officer may reschedule an election and consolidate precincts in the event of a hurricane.

Despite this, Colleen Hanabusa is threatening to sue, indicating that she does not understand state law and is not qualified to be appointed to AG. A person who twists the law in an attempt to wrest a political advantage is not someone we want as our highest legal officer.

Why is this important?

Colleen Hanabusa is losing the Democratic primary by a slim margin. Apparently, despite common sense, she thinks she can get enough votes from the two Puna districts hit by Hurricane Iselle if she can delay their make-up election or force them to vote by mail (we'll leave it to your imagination how she could change the results if they vote by mail.)

Rumor is that Hanabusa is hoping for the Attorney General position when she loses her ambitious attempt at the senate. Let's nip this in the bud!