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To: The United States Senate and House of Representatives

Hazard pay for essential workers

Hazard pay for essential workers

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer needs to follow through one of his promises during the covid relief package negotiations last year. Some essential workers made less money working in person, than those on enhanced unemployment insurance. Hazard pay for every essential worker should be a non-brainer.

Why is this important?

Every day during the heights of the pandemic, people clapped and gave thanks to essentials workers. I think a financial compensation would be more important and make the most impact to essential workers, especially those who worked minimum wage.


Reasons for signing

  • People earned more per month filing for unemployment than I did working throughout the pandemic.
  • The working class have been being taken advantage of by corporate profits for too long! It's time to give working people what they deserve and need!
  • Because people that had to work should be compensated. It’s time for the working class to get what has been promised! Prayers for all🙏🏽🥰


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