To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


It is PAST the TIME for Congress to be effective in legislating for the good of this nation. The Republican representatives in Congress are dysfunctional and have already sent America into a nosedive. They are selfish, egocentric individuals who only see the benefits for comfortable, rich, fat cats; those who never knew a day of hunger, never knew a day of homelessness, never knew a day of joblessness. All they say is "NO".
Let's petition all voters to throw these Republicans out of office and seek people who speak of doing basic things like working on the US infrastructure. JOBS< JOBS< JOBS. Congresspeople need to put Americans to work, while the private sector gets its act together creating something. Right now it's only the government that can offer dignity to people who are ready and willing to work. Instead of offering unemployment let's encourage Americans to fix our crumbling schools, our rusted out bridges, our potholed roads. Let's rally the goodness of Americans to work together while we're going through some turbulent economic times. Only GOVERNMENT can pull us out of the muck and mire right now.

Why is this important?

Americans need to come together and work towards amicable solutions to the many problems confronting this nation. Our representatives are totally out of touch with the real ways to discuss, suggest, compromise, and fix the problems affecting PEOPLE. This is one nation with many, many sub cultures and we need to understand the suffering of millions of our countrymen.