To: The Minnesota State Senate and Governor Tim Walz

Health Care Systems Cost and Benefit analysis

Please support the "health care systems costs and benefit analysis requirement and appropriation" bill SF0813 - Senate and HF1181 -House which comes from the Governor's Health Care Task Force:

Recommendation 23: Conduct a study that examines various long-term payment options for health care delivery. Study will do a comparative cost/benefit analysis of the health care system under the following approaches:

· Maintenance of current financing mechanism, without expansion of value-based purchasing beyond existing levels;

· Expansion of value-based purchasing within current system;

· Publicly-financed, privately-delivered universal health care system.

The study would additionally examine the stability and sustainability of health care system under the approach and identify any data or information needed to design and implement the system.

So, in short: (1) Change nothing, (2) More market-based, provider payment tweaks, and (3) state single payer.

Why is this important?

I am supporting Senator Marty's bill in the Senate and Carolyn Laine in the House. We need a cost analysis that is done by objective and unbiased parties to convince the legislature that a Single-Payer type system is far less costly than the system we are using now. Please sign by May 31.


Reasons for signing

  • Need to know the actual facts about financing the best health care system.
  • Ask how many seniors think medicare works and if they think others should have similar medical coverage or think their security it is just too socialist to eccept the benefits.
  • And put Joel Albers in charge.