To: Riki Hokama, Chair of Committee and Maui County Council

Hear Maui's Pesticide Disclosure Bill and Pass It

Please schedule Elle Cochran's Pesticide Disclosure Bill for a committee hearing and subsequent full Council hearing. This bill, similar to the one Kaua'i just passed, will allow us to know what is being sprayed near (on) our neighborhoods and to get notification so that we can take steps to protect ourselves from over-spray. Additionally corporations are experimenting with new pesticides and we need buffer zones.

Why is this important?

Good News! The first hearing for this bill will be January 28, 2014. Please send your supportive comments to
[email protected]
Make sure your subject line is: "Testimony re PIA-58 Jan 28th"
Address it to "Chair Hokama"
This is only step one so keep sharing this petition widely!