To: Medicaid Commissioner Nirav Shah, Jonathan Bick, Director, Fee for Service Group, DOH, James Intron, NY Health and Human Services Secretary, Humberto Cruz, Director, NY AIDS Institute, and Senator Thomas Duane

Hear our Voices! Reinstate Enteral Formulas for Patients with HIV/AIDS.

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The recent legislative action that removed Medicaid coverage for enteral formulas for HIV/AIDS patients who are actively losing weight was a grave mistake that is putting thousands of people lives at risk.
By eliminating this coverage for adults living with HIV/AIDS, minimal short term savings may be achieved. However, significantly increased costs are sure to occur in the future when these patients require other costly treatments such as treatment for infections and human growth hormone (at $6000 per month). The medical literature is filled with studies indicating the severe consequences that occur if a period of weight loss in HIV/AIDS patients is ignored.

Health care costs are significantly higher among patients with HIV-associated weight loss. Mean total health care costs for patients with HIV-associated weight loss are estimated to be $45,686, compared to $19,960 for patients not meeting the criteria for HIV-associated weight loss (p<0.0001) [Siddiqui J, et al. Current Medical Research and Opinions 2009; 25:1307-1317.]

Based on the above cost analysis, it is clear that the removal of enteral formulas for AIDS patients losing weight from NY Medicaid’s covered benefits was not clearly analyzed.

I hope you will thoughtfully consider this information, and in light of the significant cost savings to NY State, see that Governor Cuomo moves to quickly reinstate enteral formulas coverage for HIV/AIDS patients losing weight.

Why is this important?

Coverage for enteral formulas was cut from the NY State Medicaid Budget earlier this year. The removal of supportive calories, protein, and micronutrients has put many malnourished HIV(+) individuals at heightened risk of infection, hospitalization, and even death.

For the past 6 months, the Coalition to Reinstate Enteral Formulas Coverage has been educating key NY State government officials that removing enteral formulas coverage from AIDS patients who are losing weight significantly increases the cost of caring for these individuals.

WE ARE NOW AT A CRITICAL MOMENT. There are 5 key decision makers who are currently reviewing this issue. Please sign this petition and urge the decision makers to REINSTATE ENTERAL FORMULAS IN NY MEDICAID. With your signature and a short message, your concerns will automatically be sent, and your voice will be heard.