To: Burrell Ellis, President Donald Trump, The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, Governor Brian Kemp, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Help Change the Unethical Practices Imposed on Ex-Offenders and Felons

I recently received this text from a significant other, " I don't give a dam no more. I just left the probation place, them folks said that if i don't produce $3000 in the next couple of weeks, they gone lock my black ass up. What im suppose to do when cornered by so much? Keep me in yall prayer, cause im bout to go get it.>" Now tell me what would you do, in this situation.

Friends I propose this pledge to each of you pertaining to my keen observation within the American justice system and its criminal laws as they pertain to former inmates who are either now on parole, or probation, and are seeking to live as a law abiding citizen with much to contribute to society. However due to their criminal past, the conflict between the American justice system and corporate bi-laws have made it difficult for inmates to transition and contribute to the betterment of society. Therefore the rehabilitation process becomes a catch twenty-two, running into unnecessary brick walls mandated by both parties, the corporate sector and the government to make it difficult to transition back into a world in which the American justice system set. The catch twenty-two lye between Corporate America and America, Inc., and its justice system. Corporate bi-laws are set so former inmates may have the same opportunity to apply for a job with any company as any citizen could. However due to a criminal past, a convicted felon, or first time offender finds it difficult to find adequate opportunity to do right in society.

Once a prisoner is released from the confinements of the law, he or she is placed on either parole or probation and ordered to find a job and pay some form of restitution. Parole Officers and Probation Officers have a job to ensure the safety of the American community, by regulating laws imposed by the American judicial system in which inmates report to on a regular. However, if former inmates aren't able to pay these restitution fees, he or she is now threatened by their probation officer with going back to prison. Many former inmates struggle to find work in a sea of millions whom are more qualified, yet have been unemployed themselves for years. The chances of an inmate obtaining work after serving prison time is slim. It is known that most ex-convicts would rather live life in a prison cell than live life freely in society. Why? Because the American justice system have placed so many loop holes that prevents he or she from fitting back in to society.

Most of us should already be aware of the complexities involved with inmates adjusting back into society that are released from prison or the county jail. If not, former inmates face an uphill battle of getting back on their feet. The American justice system have partnered up with corporate America in an effort to keep the money flowing and the SYSTEM going. There are prisons that are now operated by corporations, of which the American taxpayer pays for the housing of inmates who are just a dollar value to the corporate structure and America, Inc. bottom line. Prisons are now built with a number attached, the number of jail cells, the number of beds, and the number in which the prison or jail can hold to full capacity, of which all signifies a dollar value to the bottom line of America, Inc., its judicial system, and the corporations who exploit the prisons for capital gain. The more inmates, the more money is made.

I've noticed inmates who have child support orders stipulated upon them while sitting in a jail cell and ordered to pay, yet our American judicial system has laws in place that will not put a freeze on collection, to notice this inmate once was in prison and couldn't pay. However, once he or she is released from prison, NOT THE SYSTEM, they face being arrested again for non-child support activities, after sitting in a prison or jail cell for months or years.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is ludicrous, a perpetuated cycle of stupidity, where the American justice "system", is a SYSTEM designed to keep law abiding citizens with minor convictions, not murder or any heinous crime, but a minor conviction, subjected to a system that keeps them bound to repeat. When times are hard, the common inmate will do whatever means necessary to survive, when threaten with going back to jail. The oxymoron of it all, is they know, the ex-convict will do the crime again, not out of habit, but because they have made sure he or she run into the wall, all the while telling them to do something they know is difficult to do, GET A JOB and PAY restitution, or else face going back to jail.

Why is this important?

Former inmates are being prosecuted even outside of the judicial system daily upon release. With a criminal record, convicts find it difficult to find a place to contribute for the good of society. The American judicial system have put in place a catch twenty-two loop hole, where ex-offenders and felons find difficult to adapt. Congress has a $50 million budget designated to help ex-offenders and convicted felons with employment. Help bring this forward so ex-offenders and felons can make their contribution to society.