To: The Massachusetts State Senate and Governor Charlie Baker

Help Chronic Pancreatitis Sufferers

We demand Chronic Pancreatitis be added as a protected illness allowing patients to continue to access narcotic pain medications due to the severity of their condition and limited options available to individuals suffering with Chronic Pancreatitis.

Why is this important?

Chronic Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal and gets worse over time leading to irreversible damage of the pancreas. Individuals with Chronic Pancreatitis can suffer from an acute attack of pancreatitis at any time. During an acute attack the enzymes created by the pancreas to digest food stays inside of the pancreas causing the organ to digest itself resulting in significant and often debilitating pain.

Repeated episodes of acute and/or chronic inflammation can cause irreversible damage to the pancreas further progressing the disease and pain relief becomes less effective often times requiring invasive treatments, including pain pumps and surgery.

Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis are facing an ever increasing threat to their quality of life as a result of the Opioid Epidemic with laws being enacted restricting and/or prohibiting access to narcotic pain medication. While the Opioid Epidemic must be addressed there needs to be a balance to ensure patients with serious conditions are protected and afforded access to narcotic pain medication they rely on to simply get through the day and to remain active participants in the workplace as well as to maintain quality of life.