To: walmart, The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, Governor Eric Holcomb, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

help disabled and mentally challenged people lead normal lives.

I would ask respectfully that attention and laws,etc be passed without backroom deals added that full access and consideration be given to mentally challenged/handicapped individuals wishing to join the work force,and that the employers be denied the abilities to turn them down based on their disability or the employers deciding the cost of adapting the workplace to them is too much.I ask that employers and companies treat those with disabilities fairly and humanly,without smiling to their faces and throwing the job applications in the trash when they leave,and that health care reforms take place without still more backroom deals and hidden pet bills inside that defeat the initial purpose..geared to help those who need it instead of line the pockets of the legislators and the medical companies.

Why is this important?

my petition is about allowing mentally challenged and mentally disabled,and disabled people in general the ability to exist freely in society without stigma and the blockages they have now in the present medical,legal and social systems.passing better legislation to that effect.