To: President Donald Trump and Governor Kay Ivey

Help Free Daniel Blan

Almost 19 years ago Daniel Blan was wrongfully convicted of capital murder. He was convicted based on the perjured testimony of an inmate who has since admitted that it was all a lie. The Assistant Attorney General who prosecuted the case committed prosecutorial misconduct, discovery misconduct and should have excused herself due to conflict of interest. There were no witnesses, evidence, DNA, fingerprints or proof he was even in the area at that time. Daniel Blan was not able to get to the crime scene from work in time to commit the murder. Daniel Blan had an alibi with two witnesses. But due to ineffective counsel those facts were not pushed as they should have been. For more information go to where you can read about his case. We are trying to get him freed in anyway possible. All signatures are appreciated.

Why is this important?

Daniel Blan needs to be able to come home to be the husband and father he wants so desperately to be. He needs to be set free to continue on his journey through life with his loving family.