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To: Local Community

Help us Save The Hernando County Little Rock Cannery

To the Board of County Commissioners, Hernando County, FL:
We the undersigned citizens of Hernando County join the Hernando County Growers' Association, Inc. in urging you to keep the Little Rock Cannery open and operating as a cannery in service to the citizens of and visitors to Hernando
Since the 1970s, the Cannery has been a place for the community to come together to learn from each other, to preserve the freshest ingredients, and to provide affordable, homecooked meals for their families. It is a place where you
often see multiple generations cooking together, sharing recipes, and supporting local farmers and small businesses. Little Rock Cannery is a unique and impactful asset, a special place that should be protected and promoted. To let it go would be a great disservice to the citizens of Hernando County.
Preserve the historical building and support the valuable community service provided by the Little Rock Cannery.

Why is this important?

Without Community support, the local commissioners are going to take away a valuable asset to our community. We are the only working Cannery in the State of Florida that is open to anyone who wants to learn to can or utilize our kitchen to can their own items for their homes.



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