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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Hold Gov. Cuomo Accountable -- demand Early Voting in New York!

Keep your promise to pass and fully fund Early Voting in this year's budget -- because no one should have to choose between their job or family obligations, and their right to vote.

Why is this important?

It doesn't matter whether you're a working parent, student, senior or service member -- everyone deserves an opportunity to get to the polls and vote when it’s convenient. That's why policies like Early Voting, a common sense solution already enacted in 37 states, are so important.

But when it comes to voting rights -- New York lags behind the rest of the nation. Right now, Common Cause New York is leading to bring Early Voting to their state, so that New Yorkers can exercise their basic democratic rights without unnecessary barriers.

Now, it's up to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo whether this common sense solution is enacted. He's meeting with legislative leaders are meeting in Albany this week to finalize the state budget, and it's absoutely critical that they commit to to fully fund Early Voting.

Gov. Cuomo promised to pass Early Voting earlier this year, and included the money to enact it in his budget. But now, we're hearing reports from budget negotiations that Early Voting funding has been cut -- even though 65% of New Yorkers support it.

Eligible voters should be able to cast their ballot on a day that's convenient for them, without worrying about choosing between their work, their family and their vote. So if Cuomo won't fight for Early Voting, we need to make sure he knows the whole nation is watching.

Add your name today to tell Gov. Cuomo -- we expect you to stand up and fight for every voter's right to be heard, and make sure Early Voting is fully funded for New Yorkers.


Reasons for signing

  • Please, Gov. Cuomo? You promised....
  • It is essential to democracy that we remove barriers to voting! And, Governor, while you're at it, where are the ethics reforms you've promised us for years?


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