To: Loretta Lynch, Attorney General

Hold Gov. Synder accountable for poisoning Flint children

We demand an investigation and, if warranted, the arrest and prosecution of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

The governor must be held accountable for poisoning the children of Flint, for fraud and political corruption, and for covering up the actions of his administration.

Why is this important?

What's happening in Flint, Michigan, is disastrous—and it's personal for me: Flint is my hometown and the community at the forefront of my first major documentary film "Roger & Me."

Gov. Synder violated the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations by cutting off clean drinking water to the city of Flint—impacting more than 100,000 people. Instead of safe, clean drinking water, the people of Flint had polluted water piped into their homes from the Flint River—water that was then contaminated with lead.

He said he did this to "cut costs". He knew he could get away with it because Flint is one of the poorest towns in the country.

There is no way to totally reverse the effects of lead in a child’s blood stream. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no safe blood level of lead for children.

The children of Flint, already among the poorest in the U.S., will now have to endure a life of pain, irreversible brain damage, and lower IQs because of Gov. Snyder’s actions and the ensuing cover up.

Justice must be served—and other elected officials must be put on notice that people’s lives are more important than balancing a budget.