To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Honest Lobbyist

To be able to lobby members of the House of Representatives and/or Senators the individual doing the lobbying must be a direct constituent of said Representative and/or Senator.
The lobbyist must reside and vote in the district of the Representative being lobbied and must reside and vote in the state the Senator represents.
The individual lobbying will not be remunerated financially by any person, entity, corporation, association, or thing. All expenses will be solely the responsibility of the one performing the lobbying.
The lobbyist will receive no financial aid or assistance for the acts of lobbying performed by the lobbyist.

Why is this important?

Professional lobbyist are and have been a scourge on how the government works. It is because of the lobbyist that the government in Washington D.C. has become owned by the special interests.
This petition is designed to correct this and bring the power back to the people; where the power should rest.