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To: Chancellor Randy Woodson, Warwick Arden, Brad Bohlander

Honoring the NC State 2020 Spring Class

Honoring the NC State 2020 Spring Class

NC State's spring class of 2020 had no celebration or recognition in May, and were left with no closure or comfort from our university. While other universities in the triangle like UNC - Chapel Hill and Duke held virtual watch-parties and commencements on May 10, 2020, NC State grads were left feeling uncared for and forgotten. NC State didn't even create a program, listing our names, that could be shared with our loved ones.

While NC State is combining our commencement practices on December 4th, 2020, a good bit of our class is already discouraged.

At this point, keepsakes would be more meaningful. The Chancellor should support my proposal to honor our class with $250 gift cards to the Wolfpack Outfitters. This will allow us to get a few pieces that we can remember the University by.

Why is this important?

We successfully completed our college run and received our NC State degrees. We deserve nothing but recognition and thanks. NC State wouldn't be where it is without our class, and vice versa. As new alumni, it is so important for us to know how much our alma mater cares about us; especially because we have yet to feel much concern. On September 16, 2020, NC State raised $23,223,425 on Giving Day. As quoted by NC State, Giving Day is meant for the community to "come together to support our students and the strength of our community." There are 5,990 spring 2020 graduates. That means that, with Giving Day funds alone, each graduate could receive $3,877. All we are asking is the Chancellor, and board, show their support towards the spring class. A $250 gift card for lifetime Wolfpack memorabilia is truly a small way to show our class that NC State cares.


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