To: City of Houston

Houston Anti-idling Ordinance

We, the citizens of Houston, demand that the City of Houston pass an ordinance to reduce vehicle idling. We support an anti-idling ordinance and the effort to reduce pollution from vehicles in Houston.

Why is this important?

Idling is dirty, inefficient, and unhealthy. Idling vehicles—particularly diesel trucks—produce exhaust that pollutes our air and damages our health and our children’s health.

Texas allows cities to pass their own anti-idling ordinances. Dallas and Austin already have. We want the City of Houston to pass an anti-idling ordinance to protect our health!


Reasons for signing

  • Today in the post we would like to update you on a (well updated) community sniffer App like Faceniff or Wireshark for Android os. The App is extremely powerful and has now a lot of functions and it is VERY impressive!
  • Please pass an anti-idling ordinance ASAP!
  • We need to stop the buses from idling near our high-rise condo in Greenway Plaza. Too much noise and pollution.