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How to Save a Life: Guardianship Limitations. #FREEJimmy

Guardianship laws need to be changed and or limited to protect the voice of those who cannot fight for themselves and to allow communication between friends and family without the threat of harassment or trespassing.

Why is this important?

For those who have no insight guardians can control whom a person speaks to or sees. Every human being has the right to happiness and not being controlled in this manner.

My brother and I recently lost our father, his advocate in 2013. Since then his Guardian has forbidden all contact between Jim and his family. We've received threats of harassment/trespassing and we fear for his emotional and physical well being. I've come to the conclusion this is not just an issue for those in Iowa but all over our country. Guardians should have limitations and Jim should be able to speak and see his family.

For more information:

Giving the voiceless a voice. One signature at a time.


Reasons for signing

  • Don’t keep these kids from their families
  • He belongs with his family!!!!!!!!! I hope he can come home soon!!!
  • This law must change as i have a handicapped son myself and no one has the right to play god and keep family from one another period!

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