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To: The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, Governor Tony Evers, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Human Rights Based Population Management Legislation

Progressive Top Down Legal Limit of the number of biological offspring allowed per individual, where upon exists obligation by law to schedule and follow through with permanent address to their reproductive issues. The limit progressing as quickly as each level of procreative offense can be processed until ethical access to the human right of biological parenthood is restored to all children of biological parents by limiting that right to those who are not currently biological parents, interrupted only by a brief pause upon reaching Civil Sub-replacement, to join in a show of global best interest with the other nations of the globe currently positioned as such.

Why is this important?

People, the world wide, have been out breeding consensus to population management legislation, in terms of individual human rights, for thousands of years. this in no way lessens the current level of criminal negligence in absence of written law that can not legally not be law.

Well into an artificial prosperity created by out-stripping the means to future prosperity, where all childless people lack ethical access to biological parenthood due to conditions created by people who breed to unlawful excess.

along side wars that only drive further investment in unsustainable human capacity, unsustainable rates of food production yielding increases in starving children, Monetarily enforced population control measures that entirely fail to control the population yet somehow succeed in fusing human rights violations with lawful and due course, and in contrast the same, where ones who are allowed to transform child aid into subsidized breeding by parlaying funds from one child's back to the next certainly seems no better.

being retro-active procreative criminality can not be implemented due to the unjust nature of a human with rights being created as embodiment to their parent's, then punishable, criminal offense.

but where the potential creation of a subsequent biological child, to an existing biological parent, would constitute travesty of the human rights of two childless individuals in ethical access of that right, and the same in a potential third violation to the human with rights created.


Reasons for signing

  • I signt his with qualifications
  • If we continue to act like a threat to the well being of the entire biosphere,then we,and the less manipulative critters & plantlife will all suffer the repercussions.
  • sighing under my aka....and that counts because i have been trampled over concerning the The Issue here by multi generational re-productively generated both count, and that's being conservative.

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