To: President Donald Trump, The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, Governor Tony Evers, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Humane Farming Should be the Rule, Not the Exception

I am concerned about the welfare of farm animals. I hope that you will use your influence to be the voice of these often mistreated animals, and to help create a culture where animal abuse is not something we turn a blind eye to. I believe conditions can and should improve for these animals, and that the people who care for them should be held to higher standards of behavior. I would hope these animals' short lives could be as pleasant and humane as possible, and in the event that they are being mistreated, I would like anyone who sees this mistreatment to be encouraged to intervene on the animals' behalf. Along with my hope that you will generally defend and support the rights of animals, I specifically ask that you oppose the King amendment, and to remove it from the Farm Bill. Mistreatment and abuse of animals is not acceptable. It's not just bad for animals, it's bad for all of us as a culture to have such low ethical standards.

Why is this important?

I am unhappy with the treatment of farm animals. I feel that we have a responsibility to treat animals with more dignity, care, and respect than they are currently receiving.


Reasons for signing

  • absolutly! Animals give their lives for us the least we can do is demand they be treated humanely by Law!
  • We were given the charge and care. We speak for them. We should not sell that opportunity out just to make a buck.
  • Stop cruelty

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