To: Humboldt County Supervisors, Humboldt County Planning Commission, The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Humboldt Wind Farm

Citizens opposed to the industrialization of our wild and rural wilderness. Opponents to the massive scale of industrial wind turbines.

Why is this important?

To stop the proposed 60 turbines to be located on Bear River and Monument Ridges and also the operating facilities and concrete plants to be sited in Pepperwood, California.

Here is a link to the documentary WindFall


Reasons for signing

  • When all the concrete, steel, roads, infrastructure, trucks, etc. are factored in, these huge wind farms are NOT green energy!
  • There is nothing green or reliable about industrial wind turbines.
  • I am totally opposed to Wind Turbine projects placed in timber lands because of high fire risk & because local communities receive no benefits from them.

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