To: Javier Gonzales, Honorable Mayor, Peter Ives, Honorable Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem, Patti Bushee, Honorable Councilor, Signe I. Lindell, Honorable Councilor, Joseph M. Maestas, Honorable Councilor, Carmichael Dominguez, Honorable Counci...

I support the City Ordinance establishing a Santa Fe municipal electric utility

I am writing to congratulate the City for its bold step to establish a municipal utility in Santa Fe, NM by Ordinance and express my strong support for the proposal. Like fellow Santa Feans I believe we should be doing more to shift to renewable energy and take advantage of the enormous potential and local economic benefits of solar. By using its authority under state law to create a municipal electric utility, the City is asserting Santa Fe's right to make energy decisions through a local, democratic process that benefits our residents, builds resilience in the face of climate disruption, and protects our environment.

I understand that this Ordinance will open the door to a number of options for our community to pursue more aggressive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and innovative energy solutions that will create tangible benefits for Santa Feans and provide our community the opportunity to become a national leader in renewable energy.

I applaud the City's leadership and ask you to vote in support of the Ordinance.

Why is this important?

Santa Feans are ready to make the transition to a clean energy economy. While our investor-owned utility is proposing deeper investments in coal and nuclear, this Ordinance will allow Santa Fe to pursue leading edge innovations in energy efficiency, renewable energy and related economic development. Public power will create energy choice and the opportunity to reinvest electricity dollars back into the local economy. Public power will improve the quality of life and economy in Santa Fe as well as advance national efforts to address climate change, reduce pollution from coal burning and promote sustainable economic growth. Santa Fe will serve as an example for other communities throughout New Mexico as well as the nation as we reclaim control over our energy future thereby enabling us to aggressively pursue the benefits of a new energy economy.