To: Ricardo Wong, ICE Field Director

ICE Arrested Wilmer Without a Warrant, Broke His Arm, and then Put Him in Solitary Confinement. S...

I am writing in support of the request from Mr. Wilmer Catalan Ramirez, A(098 500 300), to let him out of solitary confinement and to stay his deportation so that he is able to remain with his two U.S. citizen children and his partner, all of whom depend on him.

Why is this important?

On May Day, Wilmer's family announced a lawsuit against Trump's deportation agency, ICE, and the Chicago police department for violating his civil rights.

In retaliation, we got notice that Wilmer has been placed in isolation as punishment "for placing a towel over his head to block off the light."

On Monday, March 27th, ICE agents targeted Wilmer based on Chicago police mysteriously and unknowingly adding him to a "gang database." They threw him to the ground, breaking his arm, and adding to injuries that he had suffered earlier this year, leaving him half paralyzed, when he was a bystander in a drive-by shooting.

When ICE officials arrived at Wilmer's home they did not identify themselves as ICE, instead calling themselves detectives and pretending to be looking for a suspect named "Rubio." Wilmer's wife, Celene, asked the agents to leave as her husband was not in any position to see them.

As soon as she began to open the door, agents pushed her and made their way into the home and which point they proceeded to apprehend Wilmer.

Wilmer migrated from Guatemala to the United States in 2006 and was deported that same year as result of an ICE raid that took place in his workplace in 2006. Shortly after being deported, Wilmer returned to the United States and has since been living here. Wilmer is a part of a loving family; his two children are both US citizens and he is the main provider for his household.

Please sign on to support Wilmer. He is being punished for standing up for his rights and ICE is attempting to place him in expedited proceedings because of his 2006 deportation. We will not stop until ICE is dismantled and families cease to be detained and torn apart by divisive and dehumanizing policies.