To: John Kelly, DHS Secretary

ICE is Detaining A Georgia Civil Rights Leader. Sign to Release Him!

Release Eleazar MUÑOZ HERNANDEZ, A#216 302 781, from Stewart Detention Center.

Why is this important?

On April 17th the Houston County Sheriff pulled over a long-time civil rights leader in Georgia, Eleazar Muñoz Hernandez, supposedly for running a red light.

He arrested Eleazar for driving without a license and transferred him to Trump's deportation agents who now have him detained in Stewart detention center.

Eleazar has been living in the United States since 2002. He has been living with his wife and son in Warner Robbins for the last 12 years. Since 2010, he has been a leader in the Warner Robbins comité popular, educating neighbors about their rights and mobilizing for immigrant rights events.

We are asking Secretary Kelly for his immediate release so that he can be reunited with his wife and son and return to his volunteer work as a leader in his community.

Eleazar should not be punished for not having a driver's license that the State of Georgia will not give him; he needs to work in order to provide for his family and driving is very necessary in Georgia, especially in rural parts. Driving while undocumented should not be criminalized.

Please sign this petition so that Eleazar can be released and reunited with his 16-year-old son and wife.


Reasons for signing

  • EgNx1J
  • What? Are have we become a police state? Where has our constitution gone? Houston law enforcement is as corrupt as they come and in time, these officials (as will the Trump administration) pay a serious price for their criminal anti- American activities. Eleazar Munoz Hernandez has been framed and we demand his immediate release!! Barbara Slade (teacher)
  • This is not what the constitution of the united states of America, nor America is built upon. Those who are violating the oath of office,swearing to God and the people to uphold and protect are now guilty of treason against the people of the united states and they should be impeached and prosecuted

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