To: Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, Nathan Berkeley, Andrew R Lorenzen, Melissa A Jaramillo, Cecilia Muñoz, Suzanne Barr, Michael P Ried, and Atlanta Outreach

ICE: Let Pedro, Yefry, and Oscar go!

We the signers of this petition demand that the Department of Homeland Security set free Yefry Sorto (A# 206-766-187), Oscar Hernandez (A# 206-726-251), and Pedro Salmerón (A# 206-794-982).

Schools and locations associated with them are considered safe places for young people and students. Bus stops, like schools should be safe zones for young people, free of persecution or feeling terrorized.

It is inappropriate that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) targeted these young students at school bus stops on their way to school or on their way to work.

These young men came to this country fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries. If you send them back, you will be putting their lives in danger.

Please set them free and allow them to appeal their cases for refugee status.

Why is this important?

During the last 2 weeks of January this year, Yefry, Oscar, and Pedro were aprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, on their way to school or work.

Oscar and Pedro were both taken on their way to work. Yefry was detained at a school bus stop, before he could get on the school bus.

It is inappropriate for ICE agents to be targeting young people and students at bus stops on the way to school or on their way to work. School bus stops, like schools should be considered safe places for young people, free of persecution or feeling terrorized.

In 2014, these 3 young men braved the hard journey to the United States, fleeing violence and poor economic conditions in their home countries. They are hardworking students and deserve the right to stay here.

Like many of the over 100,000 families that arrived here in 2014, they did not have adequate legal representation, when they applied for refugee status. Now they are facing deportation. If sent back to their home countries, they will be returning to dangerous and violent conditions, as well as poor economic prospects.


Reasons for signing

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