To: The Idaho State House, The Idaho State Senate, and Governor Brad Little

Idaho Legislature: Add the Words 'Sexual Orientation' and 'Gender Identity' to Idaho’s Human Righ...

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We demand that the Idaho Legislature finally add the words "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to Idaho's Human Rights Act to prevent the suicides, beatings, loss of jobs, evictions, and the fear that too many Idahoans live with every day. Do your job as elected officials by representing Idaho's gay and transgender citizens, and their friends and loved ones, by adding these four simple words to Idaho's Human Rights Act.

Why is this important?

Too many Idahoans are being hurt by unequal treatment under the law for their sexual orientation and gender identity. On February 3, 44 Idaho citizens were arrested for peacefully protesting 8 years' refusal to protect those who live in fear and despair because legislators will not add these four words to the Idaho Human Rights Act. These words need to be added to make it clear that the rights of Idaho citizens may not be violated any longer.