To: President Donald Trump, The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Brian Kemp

Identity Theft Protection

Require check cashing locations to take measures to video or photograph financial transactions and individuals involved to assist in the prevention of identity theft crimes.

Why is this important?

Identity theft is a growing problem for our society. However, in many cases there are no sound provisions in place to protect consumers.

Having been victim of Identity theft and being accused of crimes as a result of the identity theft, all of which could have been prevented if the location had a camera or any other measure to identify the thief. This is the thing that sticks out most is that in Georgia check cashing locations are not REQUIRED TO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPH individuals making the transaction.

Not having these measures in place allows criminals to steal checks and cash them, duplicate an individuals ID card or Driver License and use them, make fraudulent wire transactions and much more and all the while these criminals are going undetected. In the meantime causing many problems in the victims lives financially and many cases criminal with felonious charges because some locations do not have cameras or any other measure to identify individual in questionable transactions.