To: President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, Governor Ron DeSantis, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


"Be it resolved that every person who is gainfully employed or enrolled in school for a minimum of 25 hours per week, shall be eligible to apply for a state driver's license and/or a photo ID in the USA, if desired.
All gainfully employed persons who are not citizens, will be provided a work permit for as long as they are employed. Their spouse and children, if any, will also receive legal status.
After a period of not less than two years of employment, a person may apply for citizenship according to the rules currently enforced by the INS."

Why is this important?

ANYONE who drives in American must be given a driver's license and have proof of insurance. That protects us all. Immigration status be damned!
If a person is gainfully employed and producing for our country and paying his or her bills, they are supporting the economy of this country and must be allowed to be here and have the right to become citizens. There are no arguments against this, unless you are a racist or ignorant - which is both.