To: The United States Senate

Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh lied repeatedly and extensively about receiving stolen emails in his hearings for an appellate court judgeship and again in his Supreme Court nomination hearings. He should be impeached for perjury, removed from his appellate seat, and banned from holding federal office for life.

Why is this important?

Brett Kavanaugh is being considered as a replacement for a swing justice on the Supreme Court, giving him the potential to change the direction of the court for a generation. He has dodged questions about his extreme views and his willingness to overturn precedent, but more fundamentally we now know, from the small proportion of written documents that have been released, that he has perjured himself, which is a crime, to cover up other crimes. He is not fit to serve, and if seated will bring the court and the rule of law into disrepute.


Reasons for signing

  • He's in what's supposed to be Merrick Garland's seat!
  • I need that guy removed because he is a liar, a bigot and a sex offender. He needs to be impeached by the New Senate
  • Kavanaugh perjured himself during his confirmation hearings, and his recent decision in DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, ET AL. v. WISCONSIN STATE LEGISLATURE, ET AL. makes it clear that he will never be a fair jurist. He will decide in whatever way helps Republicans and conservatives. And frankly, no one who worked on BUSH v. GORE should be allowed to sit on the nation's highest court.