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To: The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, and Governor Greg Abbott

Impeach Greg Abbott

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Texans, end bigotry and ignorance in Texas politics.

Why is this important?

Gregg Abbott is disgracing Texas. He is a bigot. He is a moron. He needs to go.


Reasons for signing

  • Abbott has mishandled so many things (COVID-19, the cold spell last winter, voter's rights, the right to have an abortion) that he should not be in office. He has cost the taxpayers so much money with his frivolous law suits as well. He does not deserve to be the governor of the great state of Texas,
  • He needs to be aborted out of office
  • Greg Abbott and his Cohorts, clearly has shown he does not know what the U.S. Constitution, the Law Of The Land encompasses. If he did, he would know his frivolous law suits and phony bills are unconstitutional. How can a man who says he knows the U.S. Constitution continue to file frivolous law suites knowing fully that they will not go anywhere. He's trying to look heroic to his Trump Republican base who are ignorant, illiterate, violent, and Traitors to the U.S.